Monday, March 22, 2010

There basically is no “wrong side” of the road in Albania

Hey Mom!

Well first of all you can tell Gretchen that there basically is no “wrong side” of the road in
Albania. But no seriously it’s the same directions as in America just about nine thousand times crazier. And congrats to Tim! Tell him good luck! That sounds like a pretty sweet language to learn.

Actually I don’t know what that creature on my pasta was. . . .I just kinda left it. And for haircuts we basically just go someplace close to our house. In 3rd branch we went to this really girly salon ha ha. But I got a really good haircut there so that was cool. I should be getting a haircut this week so I’ll let you know how that goes. My clothes are doing pretty well. I think my shoes are gonna be fine until it starts raining a lot again, but I’ll let you know if anything changes.

Well I’ll tell you something hilarious that happened this week. We had planned a Stop Smoking seminar for Tuesday and we had handed out a bunch of fliers to advertise for it and we were getting a lot of good interest in it. Pretty much everybody in
Albania smokes and just like anywhere else, most of them want to quit. A whole lot more people stopped and talked to us about the seminar than the gospel ha ha. So Tuesday rolls around and I’m freaking out cause I’m worried we’re gonna have a completely full seminar and we honestly weren’t that well prepared. I had to learn a lot of different vocabulary for the seminar and I wasn’t very good with it yet. And the day just seemed to fly by to get to 5:00 so I could humiliate myself in front of a ton of people. Well the seminar rolled around and we had a whopping attendance of ZERO people. This has actually become like a joke for me and Elder Hagen. We still will just turn to each other and say, “Guess what. Not one person came to the seminar.” And then we’ll laugh for a little bit. And the funny thing is we don’t know if it was a trial or a blessing from God. =)

So are you guys planning anything cool for Easter? When is Spring Break? But I guess you already went to
San Diego so you can’t have too much more fun. ;)

Mom, I love you. Thanks for writing!

-Elder Swenson

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