Monday, March 29, 2010

A family can help you so much in life.

Cool shoes!

Hey Mom!

Ha ha yes those are bowling shoes. And really sweet ones too. Yeah sorry I sent you some pictures without captions today. I don’t really have time to go through all of them today so just ask me what they are in the e-mail. Oh! Before I forget, will you e-mail me that potato soup recipe that you always used to make. The one that was white-ish with potates and carrots and other delicious stuff. I’ve gotta see if I can make that.

We actually just had branch conference a few weeks ago as well! I’m glad they talked about family at yours. I’ve definitely realized how much I took my family for granted when I was back home. A family can help you so much in life, especially when it’s made up of people like you. Bishop Pearson and President Owen are both really good speakers as well. I miss hearing those Alpiners speak. I think those stake goals are awesome. I’m really glad you got us to do family prayer when I was still at home. It was really simple, but really hard sometimes, but it was a great way for us to show our love for God. We were willing to give up something for him and I know he really blessed us and he will continue to bless you if you continue to sacrifice for him. Oh man I’m looking forward to General Conference, too. We get to go to President’s house and just chill and listen to the general authorities. Good times. I remember last general conference – which seemed like about 3 weeks ago by the way – and it was awesome. I definitely need it this time around. That’s such a cool thing we get to do. Listen to the living prophet and apostles! It’s basically the same thing as if we were listening to King Benjamin in the Book of Mormon. We are hearing scripture. Live. Awesome.

Well this week, we had pretty pathetic numbers, but we were able to set a baptismal date with an 11 year old boy named Kevi. He’s kind of. . . . .well he’s just an 11 year old boy. It’s kinda hard to teach him, but he is a really smart kid and I guess I can’t really say anything cause I’ve only met with him twice. I’m hoping for the best with him. We’re going to have to start getting creative with the lessons though cause he gets distracted pretty easily so we are going to come up with some good object lessons.

Things are going pretty well despite the low numbers. Me and Elder Hagen are having a blast and working hard. Ha ha yesterday we had an interesting day. Not that lots of interesting things happened, but that we were both just really tired because we couldn’t get to sleep for a while and it was daylight savings as well. So by the end of the night, things were pretty funny. We did some tracting towards the end of the day and I had one of the most ungraceful falls I have ever had in my lifetime down like half a flight of stairs. Oh yeah. I’m awesome. It was seriously hilarious. I was the one falling and I could tell it was just an awkward fall so it would have been just hysterical for anyone watching. We also saw a taxi protest this week which was pretty cool.

I love you, mom. I’m really grateful to you and dad for supporting me so much. You guys are awesome. Love you.

-Elder Swenson

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