Monday, March 8, 2010

January 2010 Pics

Me and Elder Moyes on exchanges.

A cool Tirana sunset.

Me and Elder Anderson on a cold rainy night.

Our 3rd Branch English Course.

Ha ha I freaking loved this. It means, “Whoever throws garbage from above is garbage himself! May your hands dry up!” Ha ha ha ha oh my heck that is awesome.

Elder Anderson picking all the raisins out of some delicious Muesli.

This is me and Elder Anderson. This is really the only tie picture I could get on Fjeldsted's birthday.

Just me in a shkallë (staircase).

Playing the foot game waiting for the Red Cross.

Helping the Red Cross after the flooding in Shkodër.

Elder Anderson with this really cute puppy that was just walking around with a couple of his brothers and sisters. I guess they live around the Assistant’s house.

Me with the super cute puppy.

Elder Monson with another super cute puppy.

Playing the foot game.

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