Monday, March 1, 2010

I moved. =)

Hey Mom!

This is going to be really short today, but honestly not a ton of stuff happened this week. I moved. =) Zone Leader really isn’t that big of a deal. Basically we just take call-ins two times a week. But also we do some other stuff too like plan for Zone Conference, go to Mission Council, and fill up the baptismal font when there is a baptism. Not to hard of a job.

My companion is Elder Hagen from Salt Lake City Utah. He actually went to East High School so he lives fairly close to where we used to live. He is a really good missionary, probably the best speaker in the mission besides the two Albanians. We’ve had a pretty good time so far. We’re both really into music and were both in bands before the mission so that is pretty cool. I really think this is gonna be a good transfer.

Holy cow the living room doesn’t even look like our house anymore! That is so weird!! But it looks good. =) Ju lumshin duart! Those chairs look freaking comfortable. Thanks for sending me those pictures. Ha ha I remember the old one of us at Sea World where my eyes are like completely closed because it hurt too bad to open them. Good times. I’m glad you guys had fun.

Well I will have some more pictures for you next week and probably a longer e-mail. ;) I love you mom! Thanks for the e-mail!

-Elder Swenson

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