Monday, March 8, 2010

The New Area is Good

Hey Mom!

Wow, lots of pictures! Ha ha sorry I only sent you one this week. Okay after I write everybody, I will resend those baptism pictures.

That’s sweet that Bishop Pearson works with Elder Hagen’s dad! That is way interesting. And his father has to be a great guy because Elder Hagen is also a great guy. He’s an awesome companion. I absolutely BLOW CHUNKS at the language compared to him. It’s ridiculous. We’ve been having a really good time together, though. Tell Matt congratulations for me!! That is so cool! I’ll see if I can get something sent off to him this week or next. That is super awesome and I am way excited for him. He’s speaking English? Man that would be weird to leave on your birthday.

Oh man that would be a really hard time for the Keslers. I had no idea he had been suffering from cancer for so long. I’ll tell you what, I don’t really know Phil, but I know that he has an amazing voice. I would even say an inspiring voice. That CD you sent me of Voice Male was probably my favorite CD to listen to. He had a huge talent and that music would seriously calm me down after a hard day or would help me get ready for a day when I might have not had a huge desire to get out and work. I appreciate that a ton. I will pray for the Kesler family. Tell them that I love them and that God does too. I know He has helped them a lot until now and will continue to do so.

On the lighter side, no I don’t get to drive a car as Zone Leader. The Outside Zone Leaders get too, but since we’re just in Tirana, we only get to use one once to go to Shkodër. The new area is good. We don’t have a ton of investigators. And when I say that, I mean like zero-ish. But we’re trying to be always finding and we actually decided that we’re going to do a Stop Smoking seminar and advertise for it. The church has an amazing program for that and I think we could actually pull in quite a bit of interest for it. So I’ll let you know how that goes.

Well, thanks for your e-mail, mom! I love you and I’m grateful that you take time every week to send me a message. It really makes my week. =) Love you!

-Elder Swenson

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