Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Okay so I am timed today so I've got to hurry like a monkey.

So first things first. I SAW BRADEN TODAY. Excuse me let me rephrase that. I saw ELDER CALL today. It was sweet. I think I was kind of annoying actually though cause I pretty much just like followed him around the lunch room. He looks great. Just as studly as ever ha ha. And I also saw Elder Mower. He's going to Russia along with a TON of other people. It was pretty exciting.

Okay so to answer your questions: Motra Bentley is from Sandy. Apparently her family is massive though and they're planning to take over the country as soon as they possibly can. She has 7 borthers and sisters and her extended family is like really REALLY extended ha ha. So if you know any Bentley's than it's probably her family.

My roommates. I am in a room with Morgan Elder and Bird Elder. Bird Elder is our district leader and me and Morgan Elder are the zone leaders. They are really really great. They made me feel right at home when I first came and we have been able to become pretty good friends. The rest of our district includes Mitchell, Bennion, Nauman, and Feuz (pronounced "fates") Elders. They are awesome as well. Our district is freaking awesome! Sometimes we get on each others nerves, but most of the time we're pretty cool with each other. I sent you those pictures back labeled and stuff in the mail today. Sorry I forgot about that! So you can see who all of them are. When we get back we are forming a band and doing a hardcore remake of the "Shine the Light" song from the EFY sountrack. Oh yeah. Good Stuff.

Anyway, so I hear you guys are doing pretty good. Guess what. My teacher says he is absolutely confident that I will lose a ton of weight in Albania which will be awesome. I mean I'll probably come back a little weenie, but I'll get buff again. =) Ha ha ha oh my gosh I think I'm so funny sometimes. Okay and I thought Cameron had been called to Alaska! I was so confused! But I'm way excited for him to turn in his papers and get his call. And Nate is going to the Phillipines!!!! That is so cool! (I bet you didn't guess that one, Nate.) He really is going to be a superb missionary. Holy cow we're all gonna be gone! Sweet!

Anyway, I'd better run. I still need to e-mail Lindsey and Dad. I love you mom! Keep up the good work! Thanks for everything you've sent me. I really appreciate it. Just stop sending me cookies! I'm fat enough. =)

Me Dashuri (with love),

-Elder Erik Swenson

Hey Dad!

So what's been going on! Sorry I didn't get to e-mail you last week! Was it las week? I can't even remember. Time is such a blur here. It's crazy. Before you know it I'll be in Albania. I only have 5 more weeks which is actually ridiculous. I'm excited to go to Albania though. It's going to be really hard, but really fun at the same time. So I'm definitely looking forward to it. We saw the "vision" for the Albania Tirana Mission this week and there are some really good goals that I hope I can help out with. Our mission president wants a stake by 2011 which is going to be hard, but he has planned it out and it's doable. Oh I just remembered! They just announced the Rome, Italy temple which will be great for the Albanian saints. It probably won't be even close to done and may not even be started before I get off my mission, but it's really cool to think that they will have a temple that is a ton closer than the Vienna Austria temple. Okay so random question. Have you cranked the PA since I've been gone? I kinda miss it, but at the same time I know that while I'm here it wouldn't be appropriate ha ha. Nevertheless, I love that thing. So what is going on with work right now? Who are you working for? It seems like you have about seven different random jobs for your consulting business. So yeah give me some info here. What does Glenn Beck say? How is the government/economy? I honestly have absolutely no idea since I am trapped in the MTC ha ha. Anyway, I've got to go! I'm almost out of time! Have a good day! I love hearing from you guys! Keep me posted on anything new. Love you!

-Elder Erik Swenson

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