Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Fathers Day!

June 24, 2009

Hey Dad!

Happy Father's Day! I actually didn't even know it was father's day on Sunday until one of our branch presidency members (who actually lives in Alpine by the way) said it was father's day. I was like holy cow!! I didn't even know! So you get the same present mom did: pictures!! Aren't you excited?! Ha ha I know I really go all out here at the MTC. The funny thing is that's really pretty much the best I can do so I hope you enjoy them.

Well ya know I want to tell you about an experience I had on Monday. It was the day after father's day obviously and our teacher asked a question that I guess I had never really thought about to the full extent before. We were talking about the message of the gospel blessing families and how we want to focus on teaching families. Preach My Gospel says that most everyone has a natural interest in their families. So he had us think about what our families had done for us. And, naturally since it was the day after father's day, I started to ponder all the things that you had done for me. I realized something. You did a lot more for me than I ever thought or thanked you for or recognized. I mean seriously. I liked to play soccer so you decided that you would be my coach for like 8 years! You started a soccer club so we could have an affordable team to play on where we could make friends, develop our skills, and just have fun. Who else's dad start's a soccer club?! I can't think of any. And then when I decided that I wasn't all that great at soccer--no problem!--you were able to get me on my feet with music. I still remember that birthday that you gave me those two monitors and a microphone. And that started it. THEN! You spent TONS of your time and money to not only buy, but DESIGN! the best PA system ever so that I could pursue my hobby! Not to mention all of the smaller things like giving me rides when I needed them, helping me with my calculus homework when I just didn't know what to do, teaching me how to fix the car, and basically just everything I would ever need! I really pondered about everything you've given me or helped me accomplish and I am in a HUGE debt to you. I know that you had a pretty rough childhood growing up, but despite that, I think you did a pretty good job of being a good father. Now look at where you are right now. You are a successful man with a good family and it's just amazing! We are all grateful for the work that you do and I'm sorry I can't be there to tell you right now. I just thought I should share that with you today. I've been thinking about it for the past couple of days and just thought you should know.

I love you dad. I hope you're doing well and enjoying the summer so far! Have a good day!


Hey mom!

So I should be getting my flight plans on Friday or Saturday which is when I'll find out where I'm going and when I'll get to call you guys and stuff like that. I'm excited but kinda freaked out at the same time. And no I don't think I need anything before I go, but I'll let you know if that changes ha ha. I think I will send you guys a box of stuff that I don't really need to take to Albania. I'll probably send you a boatload of letters. If you could just put them somewhere to save them. I'd like to have them when I get home. It will be cool to see what people said and stuff. =) The better question is do you guys want anything?! They don't have anymore copies of the Libri i Mormonit unless I want to pay 20 bucks. It's kinda lame, but oh well. I guess I could actually send you mine, but we'll see. Anyway. Yeah I think I'm pretty much set for right now. Oh wait there is one thing you could send me. You could send me more brain space so I could learn Albanian before I get there. Oh my heck there is so much to learn. Ha ha we've been listening to some Albanian stuff and it is so hard to understand right now. And they just talk so dang fast!! I don't know what I'm going to do! But I'll get it eventually ha ha.

Yeah Braden actually got out of quarantine the day after I e-mailed you last week. I gave him a hug even though that's not technically allowed ha ha. But yeah I got a picture with him up at the temple. It's not that great, but I think he got some better ones of us. He's going to be a great missionary. I'm jealous that he left already.

And yes I just got some new roommates about 2 and a half hours ago so needless to say I don't know too much about them. Their names are Elder Weaver and Elder Hayes. Elder Hayes is from Vegas and I can't remember where Elder Weaver is from. They are both serving in the Houston, Texas mission English speaking. Did Ryan go Spanish speaking or English? I can't remember, but yeah so there's some Texas pride for Ryan. They seem pretty cool and hopefully I will get to know them fairly well over the next two weeks.

Well that's pretty much it! As always I hope all is well! I miss you lots and I'm looking forward to calling you. It might be way early in the morning though ha ha.

Well, I'm going to go start packing! =)

-Elder Swenson

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