Sunday, November 7, 2010

I’m teaching Elder Griffith how to drive a stick shift.

Hey Mom!

Halloween looks like it was fun! Ha ha of course it would rain and make everything difficult for you in the good old cul-de-sac. Thanks for sending the pictures! I thought dad’s costume was great as always and I’m sure it was especially entertaining for all the neighborhood folks. And oh man you gotta say hi to the Call’s for me! It’s has been forever since I have seen anybody.

Our week was a pretty average week. Ha ha I’m teaching Elder Griffith how to drive a stick shift which is definitely an adventure, especially in Tirana. ;) But he’s actually doing great. We’ve just got to work on the hills and fine tune everything and he’ll be ready to go. We also went to Elbasan to do an emergency transfer on Friday. This time, though, the only way that I was involved was in the transport! Shyqyr! You guys would love the drive to Elbasan. You basically just drive on the top of this mountain and there’s tons of great scenery. My opinion is that the only thing that would make it better would be a golf course in the canyon. =)

On Sunday we met a really cool kid named Bushi (boo-she). We were tracting in an apartment building and we knocked the door at the end of the hall. Nobody answered that one, but the door behind us opened and there’s a college kid standing there thinking that we had knocked on his door. So, naturally, we talked to him and told him about our message. Almost before we had said anything he invited us in and said we could talk about it. It turns out that he’s from Vlorë but going to school in Tirana for philosophy. In Vlorë he was part of a group of students that would get together to read the Bible and study about Jesus Christ. He said a lot of stuff that lead us to believe that he’s had some problems in his life. I’m pretty sure he’s not in the greatest financial situation and it doesn’t sound like his family is the most solid family on earth, but he said that he has learned to pray every night and every time he does he feels relief.

He really made an impression on me because of his willingness to believe even when those around him don’t. At the beginning of the lesson, we had talked a little bit and asked him a few questions and we were just about to say a prayer when one of his friends walked out of the other room. Bushi invited him in to listen and he came and sat down for a second, but when he found out we were going to say a prayer and talk about God he just kinda laughed and left the room. I think Bushi knew that was going to happen, but he tried anyway. I think I realized why I was born into a member family in the middle of Happy Valley, Utah. Cause if I had that kind of opposition coming from my friends I don’t think I would be able to stick with what I know is true. Now I probably could, but back then, no. But I think this kid is going to be blessed because of that faith. I hope he shows up on Thursday when we are planning to meet him again. He was an awesome kid and I really think the message of the restoration will touch his heart.

So that was our week! Hopefully we’ll have some cool stories this week ha ha. About the package, I don’t really know what I need. . . .I don’t think I need anything that’s absolutely essential right now. I can get most of the stuff here. But maybe I could do a recheck this week and send you requests next week? I don’t know if that is too late so you let me know.

Also, have you seen anything about school registration? It’s probably about time that I need to start filling stuff out and what not.

Mom, I love you! Thanks for your support and love! You rock!

-Elder Swenson

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