Monday, October 18, 2010

We got to do a lot of missionary work this week.

Hey Mom!

That’s good to hear you’re still having good weather cause then the Halloween party might go well! Well actually I guess we always say that, but then it snows or rains like crazy so good luck! What’s dad planning on doing this year? Make sure you take some pictures and send them to me. Over here it is definitely starting to get cooler. It rained literally all this week and it was awesome. It’s not super cold yet so the rain doesn’t bother me. I wish it rained in Utah like it does here.

Tell Lindsey to get feeling better for me! It is the season for sickness. But hopefully it will pass. Ha ha yeah dad was saying how you went to her school and were here “models.” I find it hilarious that Dad was there. =) That’s good to know that she’s doing something she likes though. And from what it sounds like, she’s a natural!

Oh my goodness I better write Grandma a letter then. Tell her happy birthday! She has written me my entire mission and I don’t know if I’ve ever written her a letter back. That’s pretty lame of me so I will get on that.

Tell Bishop and Race that I said hi. Man that’s a bummer for Race. But I’m sure it’s for a reason. The Albanians always say that, “it’s in God’s hand.”

Well we got to do a lot of missionary work this week. We didn’t have a ton of random stuff to do here in the office. We did a lot of tracting. But it worked I guess cause we found eight new people to teach. We had some really cool lessons. I think the coolest one was last night. I don’t know why but the best stuff always happens on Sundays. We were tracting and we got in with a small family of three. It was a grandma, her daughter, and granddaughter. It was funny because the grandma was the one that was interested at first at the door so she let us in. We talked for a while and taught about Jesus Christ and the Book of Mormon and how they could and why they needed to know if the Book of Mormon was true. When we asked them if we could come again and talk about the experience that they had reading and praying about the book, the grandma started saying everything normal for people who don’t want to commit. “I’ll tell you what, we’ll try for sure. I’m not making any promises but we’ll try.” “We’re always home just swing by whenever you’re in the neighborhood and we’ll be here.” Translated into English, it basically means, “Thanks for the free book, but we’re not really that interested.” But the daughter, named Olta, gave us a definite yes. You could tell during the lesson that she was really listening and I think because she was listening, the spirit was able to touch her heart. She was excited to give it a try and volunteered really fast to give the prayer at the end of the lesson.

It was interesting because I think me and Elder Griffith are still kind of trying to get used to each other’s teaching style and everything, but last night for that lesson it just clicked. We were able to work together and teach a lesson where the spirit was able to be there. I’ve been having a really weird week just not feeling all there, but when you’re in one of those lessons, all of that just goes away. It’s such a great feeling. I would love so much if this family continued to learn. I would love to see somebody be more happy in their lives because of the gospel. So I’ll keep you posted on them.

Mom, I love you! I’m really grateful for all your letters and support and prayers. I’m lucky to be a part of the family I have. I continue to pray for you all every day so I hope it’s working. ;) I love you.

-Elder Swenson

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