Monday, May 24, 2010

We are working especially hard with a referral family.


Hey Mom! How’s it going? Pretty boring week this week! It was busy, but just nothing really out of the ordinary ha ha. We actually had a really good week in regards to lessons taught and stuff. We were teaching a lot and we had fairly good lessons. We are working especially hard with a referral family right now. They were given to us when we challenged the Veliu family to share the gospel with their friends/random people they had never talked to before. Motra Veliu chose the latter. =) But this family is doing really well. So far the grandma and the two kids have come to church every week for the past three weeks (except the grandma didn’t come this week). Nermin (Nair-mean) is the grandma’s name and she is the one that seems to be progressing the most. She really cares a lot about her family and we’ve really been trying to show her how the gospel can bless her family tremendously. Reldi, the 13 year old boy, is also liking the lessons. I think he likes the young men’s activities more, though. ;) He loves soccer and we played this last Saturday which was fun. Reldi’s a little different so I’m hoping that the young men in our branch can welcome him in instead of isolate him. They’ve been doing pretty good so far, though, which I am really happy about. The little girl, Antea, is so dang adorable. She is the nicest little thing you ever did see and she has a blast with her friends in primary. She was actually friends with another little girl in church named Abi so that was really helpful. This week we are going to be talking about baptism with them and hopefully setting a date with them that they can work for to be baptized! I hope all goes well with that. We know they have felt the spirit as we’ve talked together and as they have read. And we’ve given a strong commitment to pray and ask God if these things are true so we’ll see what the answer is this week!

Probably the most eventful thing that happened this week was an investigator coming in and introducing himself as his twin brother and trying to get us to believe that he actually was his twin and not himself. I’ll admit, he had me going at first because it was kind of a sudden thing and the circumstances were just weird, but it didn’t take too long to realize that it actually was him and not his “twin brother.” Especially when he had the exact same phone with the exact same crack in the glass . Hmmmmm. . . . . . .

So you’ll be happy to know that I’ve been getting the pictures you wanted of my house and random stuff like that. I’ll send them to you today. Except for I forgot to get the drying rack! But if you want to see it, it’s actually in one of the pictures you are having me label today. But I’ll get some pictures of it in action and send them to you next week.

Well say hi to the Wilson’s from Elder Swenson! I’m sure their mission was a killer success and hopefully they have had a good time since they’ve been home. I can’t believe Matt is leaving. If you see him again, tell him good luck and don’t forget to pray! He’ll be an awesome missionary. I can’t even imagine leaving for your mission on your birthday. That would be so bizarre. When does Tim leave, again?

And that stinks that I’m not going to be there to see Lindsey graduate. You’ll have to take pictures and send them to me. Lindsey looks awesome in those senior pictures you sent me! You should send me that one with Bear and the one of her in that tree thing. Where is that?! I swear I’ve seen that before, but I don’t know where it is.

Well you have a great week, mom! Be safe and have fun! I love you!

-Elder Swenson

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