Monday, May 17, 2010

I’ve got pictures


How are ya, mom?! So I’ve got pictures to send you this week! =) We’re going to an internet place finally today so I can send them to you so you won’t have them with this e-mail, but you will have them today. Sorry I took so long. Our days are always really weird cause things like get in the way of lunches which is when I would have time to do that. But today I’ll have time!

Anyway that is so weird that Mike is leaving! Nobody even told me he got his call! But that’s cool that he’s going to Singapore. He was just made for learning really weird languages. Why are Natalie and Tyson over there? What does he do for work again? Or were they just bored and decided to move there.

Yes I have met the Ahlborn’s. Actually I was in their branch for a little while with Elder Hagen. But yeah they’re in Tirana so we see them quite a bit. They are awesome people. Very very self sufficient. Just really really good people. And they are working hard to get the outreach centers going and stuff.

Holy cow how are all these people getting married at like the same time?! You’ll have to send me an announcement of Kevin’s or e-mail it to me or something. That’s crazy.

So this week went by so fast. Busy busy busy. We got to go to Elbasan on exchanges which was intense. The road there is like four miles above the ground and when you’re not the one driving it’s pretty dang scary. It is gorgeous, though. I didn’t know Albania had that kind of scenery. I should have taken some pictures but I was too busy either driving or holding on for dear life. But it really was breathtaking. Next time I go there I will definitely snap some pictures and send them to you. And a trip to Elbasan also means that I got to drive Big Blue again! I only stalled once this time and it was when we pulled over so it didn’t even count. I also almost ran straight into a tourist bus, too! Sweet, huh?

Elbasan was funny. We had to be bouncers for their English Course cause there’s a ton of little kids that come and just make lots of noise and distract everyone else from learning so we had to stand out at the fence and be the selectively permeable membrane for those that were good and those that were lame. We actually literally had to be bouncers too. Like I physically had to push people off of the fence. It was pretty fun. There were some funny kids, though. There was this one little, happy, chubby kid that was hilarious. So we made a couple friends, too. ;)

We have also been working with a woman in Kosovo. Yeah, we’re basically opening the country. =) No, but we’ve been teaching her through Skype. Her name is Donika and she has been going to church over there for four years now and there’s an American couple in Kosovo that got in touch with us and wanted to start the lessons with her and so far she’s really good! Just really hard to meet with. That would be so sweet if we lined up a baptism with her and she got to come down to Tirana or we got to go up to Kosovo! (Probably not going to happen, but why not have hope?)

Well, thanks for your e-mail, mom! I love you so much! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Swenson

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