Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Newest Pictures

Cool Tie!
Amphitheater in Durrës

A cool room at the amphitheater
Me And Elder Monson at the amphitheater in Durrës

Me and Elder Monson on the way down the street. Ironic how this picture is in front of The Good News Church. . . .

Exchanges in Shkodër on T’s birthday
This is our apartment. Our bedroom actually. The American flag is covering up the creepiest picture ever of the pronari’s little girl. Also you can see our drying rack there in the background!
This is a goat with it’s head stuck in a crate. Actually it wasn’t stuck but it was funny

Me and Elder Monson after an incredibly tiring day. And sorry for the scandalous immodesty of Elder Monson! I told him he should stop doing that. ;)

Me and Elder Shields on our last day together. How sad.

On a bridge in Durrës

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