Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Pictures from December

Ha ha yeah this was our Christmas tree! That was Elder Hixson with me in that picture. He’s the one I was with before Elder Jones was emergency transferred into our area.
Sweetest oven mitt EVER!

One of the towers in a city called Krujë. It’s a city up in the mountains that was one of Skëndërbeu’s strongholds. This tower just looks freaking awesome.
This is called “Pazar I Vjetër” up at Krujë. That translates to Old Shopping Place basically. They just have a lot of cool souvenirs and traditional Albanian stuff.

This is called a çiftali (chief-tall-ee. . . .kinda). The closest thing to a guitar I could find. It’s pretty cool, eh?
This was just a picture I took when we were up at Krujë

Ha ha when we were up at Krujë, we were just walking and we heard this gobbling noise getting gradually louder. We couldn’t figure out what it was until somebody from the group finally discovered it was a turkey shepherd! Ha ha so that was pretty funny. Supremely entertaining.

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