Monday, November 2, 2009

Elder Garn says, “Rrofsh!”

Hey Mom!

Well it looks like you guys had a blast on Halloween! Ha ha Dad really does make an awesome Indiana Jones, huh? On the other hand, Preston Stewart does NOT make a great cheerleader. Ha ha ha oh man those were some good pictures. Thanks for sending them to me. It is so weird to think that Halloween came and went and I did like nothing. I remember last year Halloween was like the whole month for me. And here it was just a day. But I did go door to door still! And I even got a treat! =) But I was fasting so I didn’t get to eat it. Some Albanians will just not let you leave their doorstep without giving you a qërrasje, even if they don’t let you in. So there you go! I went trick or treating in Albania. And to answer your question, no they don’t really celebrate it here, but we did see one group of kids dressed up. But that was about it.

As for the packages, it’s the same address. Everything just goes to the mission home and then gets delivered to us. And by the way, thank you so much for that package! Ha ha it was funny because I was just telling Elder Garn a couple days ago about how my mom uses the best spice in the world called “Bam!” when she cooks fish. And that talk seems pretty cool. I started reading it, but I haven’t finished yet (I got it yesterday).

Elder Garn says, “Rrofsh!” He has been here for a year and 7 months now so he will be leaving in January. He’s awesome.

Sorry about the super short letter today! I’ll tell you all about the work next week, okay? Cool. ;)

I love you, Mom!!
-Elder Swenson

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