Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I’m in Vlorë!

Hey mom!

I’ve got to be short today so sorry! First off, if you have any way you can, tell Mason that I’m rootin’ for him. When Mason makes up his mind to do something, he does it and I think that will definitely be the case for this adventure that he’s about to start. I’ll pray for him and for his family too.

Okay a lafazan is like someone who just won’t stop talking. But it is like something you would only say to a good friend. It is offensive if you don’t know them. Oh hey! Before I forget could you send me all of the guy’s addresses except Braden and Tim? Thanks. =) I’ve set a goal to write them all this next transfer.

Okay so guess what! I’m in Vlorë right now! Transfers were today and so that’s why I didn’t e-mail yesterday. I hope you weren’t up too late worrying about me. ;) Sorry I forgot to tell you last week that P-day would be on Tuesday! Just for future info, every 13 weeks P-day will be Tuesday cause that’s when old missionaries leave and new ones come. We are getting 14 new missionaries! Maybe that’s not a big number for anyplace else in the world, but that’s HUGE for Albania. It’s crazy. It will be so cool though. They get here on Thursday I believe. Yay! I won’t be the baby anymore.

So it’s weird that I’m not in Kamëz anymore. It’s good and bad. I really loved the members in Kamëz and I really liked finding too. We had just started to tract an area where they really don’t like us. We had never really been there before though because most missionaries just avoided it because of it’s reputation. And. . . .it kinda lived up to it, but we actually found an investigator. I don’t know what will happen with him, but he realized that we weren’t JW’s and let us in his house. We talked about the Book of Mormon and what our special message is. It was really good. He was a nice guy and I think that he could really go a long way.

Oh man, conference was sweet. I only saw the morning sessions so I didn’t see the talk by Elder Holland that you, Lindsey, AND Dad talked about. Not fair. But I really loved conference. More than I ever have before. There was so much comfort in conference. I like comfort. =) I needed it too. I’ll talk more about conference and what I thought about it next week since I don’t have a ton of time today.

Anyway, I should go! Love you mom! I pray for you guys always.

-Elder Swenson

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