Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Newest Pics

Vasil’s baptism. The woman on the left is his wife and the guy on the right is Vëllai Saraçi.

Is this my picture?

The best mountain view I have ever seen in my life. Or it might be tied with the top of Little Cloud at Snowbird.

Waterfall on the road to Theth.

Me trying to be cool, but ending up just falling into the river.

Me in front of the river that I fell into.

Some pics from a church in Theth. This was a sweet view.

Random picture. I don’t know why I wanted to take that picture so bad. . . .but I did.

View from the road to Theth

View from the road to Theth

A sweet picture I took of Elder Klein throwing a rock.

This guy is Zef. He is a member in the Shkodër branch. He is so legit. Ha ha I freaking love this picture. He was our tour guide to Theth so we had a blast with him.

The road to Theth.

Sweet mountain pick.

Me looking weird at Theth.

Theth. This place was gorgeous. We stopped here for a bathroom break. =)

Exchanges with Elder Skousen and Elder Knowles.

Elder Foulk, Erodita and me

Erodita being short. We thought it was funny.

Erodita with Motra Halabuk and Motra Yourstone.
(I'm assuming these are the sisters who taught her)

Me with Erodita

Still going back.

Going back from the caves.

Same canyon looking the opposite way.
Same canyon. Same bench.

The canyon by the caves near Pëllumbas.

We found a turtle. And Elder Klein decided to be a tool to it.

Long story. Basically every single person that drives by us will get right up next to us and tell us that our plate is down. Every single one. It’s been really annoying. I guess you kinda just had to be there. . . .

Mason’s birthday

This is a t-shirt that Elder Smith had. I had to borrow it from him cause we decided to play volleyball one P-day and we didn’t want to go all the way back to our house.

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