Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Was Pretty Much the Best

Hey mom!

Yeah Christmas was pretty much the best. I loved it. Ha ha and yeah I was doing fine too until we had to say goodbye! That’s so hard. But it’s good to get back to normal just like you said. It felt really good to just get back to work and try to do something so I didn’t have to think about home. But man that was so fun. But I’m glad you guys had a good Christmas with lots of people! It’s always good to be with others on Christmas. Ha ha I love the pictures of you guys and Bear and all your new stuff. It looks like you had plenty of fun.

Well not much has happened since Friday. =) Danieli came to sacrament meeting again. Hopefully we’re going to meet with him tomorrow or Wednesday before he leaves to Korça for New Year’s. The holidays are murdering missionary work. In our weekly planning this week, we only had one person to plan for because everybody else is gone and we haven’t been able to find anybody else that can meet with us. Most everybody goes home for the holidays and a lot of people are just in Tirana for school or work or something. So this week should be interesting. We’ll see how it goes.

Ha ha funny story. So at the Christmas party, there was this kid there whose name is Hermës and nobody like knew who he was, but he was just acting like a member and he is way awesome and stuff. He came Sunday too and finally one of the other elders was like, “Who are your parents?” trying to like find out who’s kid he was. We found out that he’s not even baptized! He’s not a member! He is just a friend of another boy in the branch. So we sat him down yesterday after church for like 10 minutes and talked about the temple because he wanted to learn about it. So the other elders got set up with some good future lessons in the presence of a member! Ha ha he rocks.

So yeah that’s pretty much all I can think of for this week! Oh, those words. I actually wrote one of those wrong. Its e gëzofsh which means may it make you happy. And “të dua shumë” means I love you a lot! =)

Sorry about the no pictures thing. We kinda did e-mail spontaneously so we didn’t have time to go back to the house to get my stuff. Next week!

I love you, mom!

-Elder Swenson

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