Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Last Email from the MTC

Elder Swenson and Motra Bentley with Albanian Flag
MTC at Night
Elder Swenson playing his guitar

Hey dad! I'm glad you see that there are lessons to be learned from every experience in life. We do go through everything for a reason and we can always learn and grow from it. That's why we're here. We want to become like our Heavenly Father and to do what we need to gain experience. It's amazing how simple that is, but sometimes it's so hard to understand. But I'm glad you do.

And yes this is the last thing I will be writing from the MTC. That is so. dang. weird. It's kinda freaky because I am not good at Albanian at all. This week is our consecration week so we are supposed to speak only Albanian and I'm realizing how much I need to learn. I'm nowhere near ready with the language aspect. The thing I'm most worried about is not being able to get something for MONTHS. Usually I can get things pretty fast. I've never had something take me that long to get and so I don't know how I'll handle that, but I'll try to remember why I'm there. But I have faith that I can learn it faster than a lot of people if I just get out and start working as hard as I can right from the get go. I have kind of a personal goal. I want to be a missionary that could train another missionary. Whether or not the mission president decides to let me train or not, I want to be able to say that I could and that I could do a good job at it. I also just want to start enjoying the work. It's going to be frustrating at first, but I know as I start to love the people and just have fun and serve, it will come. And yeah I don't know about the camera, but it's weird because it uses up battery power even when it's off. I found out it was a recalled model ha ha. But I just take the batteries out when I'm done with it now. And it works!

Anyway, I hope you're doing well. Still playing soccer and working hard and teasing bear. It's so weird to not have a dog! I wish missionaries could have a dog! =) Ha ha, but it's all good. I look forward to talking with everybody on Tuesday and I hope you have a good 4th of July weekend! Eat some good steak and mushrooms for me.


-Elder Swenson

Hi Mom,

Well I'm glad you guys love getting my pictures ha ha. I'm a pretty boring missionary so I don't have a ton of really good pictures. But I try. So one quick note. There is no mail on Friday OR Saturday so basically the next things I will get from you will have to be in Albania. AND I just remembered that I forgot to bring my mission address. Ugh. I'm retarded sometimes. But it's sitting on my desk and I just forgot to bring it to the room in classic Elder Swenson fashion. So this is what I'll do: I will either send a letter that pretty much just has that in it OR I'll get back on for like a minute and send you that address. Probably the latter. But yeah! So don't worry. I won't forget about it. I can't seem to find my mission call though. Did I bring it? I don't recall packing it, but maybe it is in my folder. I haven't checked there yet. I'll check tonight. You WILL get a copy of my address and if I have my call you will get a copy of that too so don't fret. =)

Okay anyway! How is the Oquirrh Mountain temple?! I hear it's beautiful. We'll definitely have to go on a temple tour when I get back. I'm excited to see all the new temples. It will be really fun. Happy Fourth of July!!! Ha ha I'm so dang excited to hear the Jonas Brothers from the MTC. It will be so weird going to bed at 10:30 on the Fourth of July. I'm not even sure if we get to see the fireworks. I hear that they let us go out to the field to watch them until 9:30 which means we might get to see like. . . .one. Exciting, huh? Ha ha but it's all good.

I will probably call at New York. It should be sometime between 12:25 here and 1:25. It says I leave Salt Lake City at 8:30 and arrive in new york at 3:25 which sounded wrong to me so I figured that that was local New York time and I compensated for the time zone change. But maybe I'm just retarded so I don't know. ha ha so basically just keep the 7th open from like 12:00 noon until like 5:00 ha ha. And tell Kiersten too so she can come over. =) I'm excited to talk to you all. I think it will be cool, but yeah it's probably going to be hard as well.

Holy cow this e-mail is really weird. I am freaking tired if you couldn't tell. =) I got a shot today! And guess what?! Yep. I almost passed out again. Geez I need to practice this. =) Anyway, my time is going really fast for some reason so I need to e-mail dad and Lindsey. Hope you have a good day and I will talk to you in 6 days!!

Me Dashuri,

-Elder Swenson

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