Monday, March 21, 2011

This week was kind of a roller coaster.

Hey Mom!

This week was kind of a roller coaster. We lost a lot of people that we're teaching and had a lot of dissapointments, but at the same time we had a lot of good experiences finding. We found new investigators almost every day and by the week that added up to nine total! We tried some new tracting ideas. We played the vocab game again where we pick words that the other person has to use in their door approach, but then we also took a more visual approach to it. We each printed off small pictures of Thomas Monson, Joseph Smith, the Salt Lake Temple, and the first vision and laminated them. As we were tracting we could show the picture to them and it would be a good way to get people's attention. The idea was actually given to us by Elder Causse when he came here. I guess one of the other missions in our zone has a first vision pass-along card that they used for it.

I realized how beautiful that picture really is. It carries an awesome message with it. We can receive direction from Heavenly Father. He even wants to give us direction. We just have to ask for it like Joseph Smith did. We met with a new member named Donald this week and talked about the Joseph Smith History for one of his Duty to God requirements. It was a really powerful lesson for me. He shared with us how God showed him that it was actually true and we shared with him how God had shown us the same thing. He asked some great questions and above all I felt the spirit. I love feeling the spirit and up until these past few days I've had a little streak where I haven't been feeling it as much as I should. It is so important and without it you just feel so worthless. I love feeling the Holy Ghost.

The week ended with our District Conference. It was an incredibly uplifting meeting. It will be President and Sister Neil's last and they both shared their testimonies about different things. Also the District President Kashari spoke about feeding Christ's sheep. His talk really hit me. And before that, two returned missionaries from our branch and a young woman from 4th branch who was recently baptized shared their testimonies. Especially the testimony of the young woman was INCREDIBLE. The huge concert hall that we met it was completely full with the spirit that she had with her. It was just such a good lineup that you couldn't go wrong. I absolutely loved it.

This next week we are going to continue working hard and trying a couple new things. Tazz inspired me. Or should I say Elder Tasso inspired me with his preaching on the bus story. That takes guts. That is so hardcore. And I realized this week, "When have I ever done anything like that?" So, we've got a couple things that we want to try this week that are a little bit more bold than I have usually been on my mission. I've got to show myself that I can be like Tazz. I can be bold. So I'll let you know next week how that went. I'm scared out of my mind, but I'm sure it will at least make for a good story. =)

Anyway, that's really all I have right now. I hope you guys have an awesome week! I love you so much! See you way too soon.

-Elder Swenson

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