Monday, April 19, 2010

Well this week was interesting.

Me and Elder Shields waiting for like the seven hundredth no-show in a row.

A visit to the Cani Family

FHE Durrës Style

Hey Mom!

Well this week was interesting. We were out of Durrës for like four mornings in a row so the work suffered a little. But that’s okay cause I got to drive. =) And to answer your question about how much I drive, basically anywhere we go my companion will drive one way and I will drive the other. But we usually don’t go too often. This week was an exception. I’d say we go somewhere probably once a week on average, but I think this week we might be here the whole time which will be cool.

Me and Elder Shields decided that we had an average of about three no-shows per day which was pretty awesome. We spent a lot of time waiting in vain. But that’s okay, that’s just how it goes sometimes. Ha ha yesterday while we were waiting for our investigator to take to church this guy comes up and says, “How’s it goin’, Elders?” in like perfect English. I was so taken off guard that when he asked us where we were from, I said, “America.” He replied, “Well duh, but where?” It turned out he was there with the Army and he’s from Nephi, Utah. If we see him again I’ll ask him if there’s some way I can give a shout out to his family with like an e-mail address or something.

So a couple of funny stories really quick. We went tracting a couple of days ago and we took the elevator up to the top floor. It was a beautiful view and I saw that the door to the roof was open so I figured we’d get a picture while we had the opportunity. So we went up to the door and as soon as I stepped one foot through it, I saw that there was a woman watering plants or something so I said, “Hello! How are you?” She flipped. I guess I scared her so she flipped out and started to push me back through the door and tell us to get out of there. I asked her nicely if we could just take a picture from the top and she would not let us for the life of me. So we just left without complaint and began to knock doors. But would she let us go quietly back to our work? Never! As soon as we started to knock on the doors she told us to leave and not bother the people or else she was going to call the police (never true). She followed us down like two floors before we could finally get back to our work and knock doors in peace. So that’s why I don’t have an awesome picture from the skyline of Durrës. =P

And the other one happened yesterday at church. Saturday, we had a meeting with a woman name Viollca that may have been the most awkward lesson in the history of missionary work. But she agreed to come meet us and walk to church together the next day so it can’t have been too bad! Also she doesn’t have a phone so we can’t call her. She didn’t understand me when I explained how to get to the church (not because I suck at the language, but because she’s just weird). INTERRUPTION: The song playing at the internet café that I’m at right now is Layla (acoustic) by Eric Clapton. END OF INTERRUPTION. So we had to meet her at the train station which is like half an hour walking distance away from the church and we can’t drive her in our makinë because the church has a rule against that. She showed up about 15 minutes late and I was going to be giving a talk in sacrament meeting. So we had to walk fairly fast out to the church and got there right in the middle of sacrament. When we finally got to go into the chapel it was my turn to speak so I headed up to the podium while Viollca sat down with Elder Shields in the pews. I started to talk and seriously no later than ten seconds into my talk, she got up and left. Elder Shields followed her out and then came back alone about 20 seconds later. I finished my talk trying to not be weirded out by the whole situation. As soon as I got back to my seat, I asked Elder Shields what happened and he said that Viollca had told him that she felt like she was in hell when she was in there. Man! Church must rock here in Durrës! Ha ha but we had only had one pseudo-lesson before that so I don’t really blame her. She agreed to meet with us again tomorrow so I think she just wasn’t used to the whole church thing. Hopefully we’ll get a good lesson in tomorrow.

Anyway, holy cow sorry I just babbled on there! Tell Grandma that yes I did get her package!! I thought I already told you that, but maybe I forgot. Thanks for sending me those pictures! They were so good. I absolutely love pictures.

I have got to go! My time’s almost out! Thanks for the e-mail, mom! I love you so much! OH! We are going to be talking on the phone for Mother’s Day here pretty soon. Cool, huh? =)

-Elder Swenson

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