Monday, September 14, 2009

Sept 14, 2009 One thing I do miss is the prelude music.


Yeah it was close ha ha. It’s “C’farë thotë puna?” And actually it should be a “c” with a little tail thingy, but I haven’t figured out how to make that one yet. But it was a good try! =)

Ha ha your Webelos group sounds sweet! I remember Webelos with Brother Weiler. Oh man those were the days. Tell Nick and Sam I said hi! (I taught them piano). Sounds like it should be an intense activity this week, huh? Nothin’ like some good ol’ hot dogs and s’mores. Mmmmmm. . . .

Ha ha ha oh my heck I laughed about the temple thing. I didn’t know they had Spanish sessions either! That’s pretty cool though! It’s awesome to think that there are more members outside of the U.S. than there are in the U.S. right now. Tons of different languages and cultures all united in one faith and one cause. It really is amazing to think about that. But I’m glad you still went even though it wasn’t even your language! Way to go mom! =) Keep it up and you will be so blessed.

Pictures of Bear. . . .basically the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Ha ha ha ha I freaking loved them.

Did you teach the Primary class that I taught?! Or was that the year above? Good for you for being the one to step up and help. I’m sure Stephanie really appreciated that. And oh my heck I’m sure your class went fine. You are way good with kids.

Yeah Lindsey told me about you working on the dress and I’m sure it turned out great. I think that was a great thing to pray for. I think the Lord is definitely willing to help a mother trying to help her daughter keep the standards in For the Strength of Youth. Sometimes, the smallest things are the ones we need the most help with. I haven’t read Lindsey’s e-mail yet so I’m excited to see the picture!

No our branch does not have all those other meetings. We just do sacrament meeting and then after we usually either teach one of our members or teach an investigator (if we have any in church) with a member. I still love going to church though. One thing I do miss is the prelude music. I loved getting there early and listening to the organ and we don’t have an organ here ha ha. But I set the keyboard we have to an organ setting. =) And Flori. . . . .dropped us. Sigh. His dad said he doesn’t want him doing anything but school during the school year. We’re going to try and keep contact with him so we can come back as soon as the beginning of the year tests are done, but we’ll see. We also lost another investigator named Silvana. Missionaries have been meeting her for a while and all of a sudden out of the blue her dad says she can’t go to church anymore. But she thinks she can talk him out of it, he just needs to cool down first ha ha. But hopefully that goes well. We almost found no new investigators this week. I say almost because Monday through Saturday we found zero. Yesterday we finally found a couple that was willing to listen though which was good. So it was kinda a depressing week ha ha. But not really, just number wise! We had an investigator in church which was awesome! His name is Stak Kola and we’ve been teaching him and his family for a couple of weeks now. They’re way nice and they have the funniest little girl named Diana.

Thank you in advance for the package. =) I might get it before my year mark. About the homesickness thing, it’s alright. I just try to work hard when we’re out there. Every once in a while it’s hard, but I want to be here and I want to work hard while I’m here so that’s what I’m going to do.

I love you mom! Thanks for your support and love! Have a great week!

Të dua!
-Elder Swenson

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